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Leadership: Shared vision, accountability, and communication

National Diversity Conference

Diana Thomas

April 11, 2019


Impacting Community Development Through Strategic Leadership

St. Charles Chamber of Commerce Leadership & Educational Symposium

Stacey Boyle

April 30, 2019



Being a Strategic Leader in a Diverse World

The Illinois Women’s Conference

Diana Thomas & Stacey Boyle

March 28, 2019

To be a true partner, offering what the business needs to succeed and inspiring a diverse workforce to follow you, you need to deliver results and show why your work matters. A strategic leader understands the big picture of the business and thinks through decisions in a way that connects actions with results. You may have been told, "You need to be more strategic!" but rarely is that advice followed with practical steps for becoming a strategic leader. In this session, two successful strategic leaders will help you to understand the foundational skills required to begin a strategic leadership journey, including how to see your place in the bigger picture of the organization, effectively manage your time to focus on strategic outcomes, and show up in a way that will help other leaders see you as a valuable business partner.

You Need To Be More Strategic!

2019 Training Conference

Diana Thomas & Stacey Boyle February 26, 2019 11a-12p

Have you been told that you need to be more strategic, or that you fail to see the big picture? Stephen R. Covey famously explained strategic leadership via the metaphor of jungle producers clearing land. While the managers on the jungle floor produced endless charts showing how hard everybody was working, the strategic leader was climbing a tree. Once she was looking across the jungle landscape, the strategic leader realized everybody was laboring in the wrong jungle. All the data that seemed to show success was actually irrelevant—they weren’t even clearing the right piece of land. While building their own successful careers, learning leaders Diana and Stacey have developed a practical, manageable process for building a ladder to see over the tops of the jungle trees, equipping learning leaders to focus on what’s most important to the business. Learn how to create a motivating vision, engage stakeholders, create a strategic plan that will produce wins for the business, and then execute while making data-driven decisions.

Learn to:

  • Identify the areas where learning can impact the business in ways that matter.

  • Create a development plan for taking your strategic leadership to the next level.

  • Unify your team under a clear, compelling, motivating vision.

  • Connect learning’s efforts to business results using business data.

How Do You Win? Taking Learning from Siloed to Strategic

Chief Learning Officer 2018 Fall Symposium

Diana Thomas & Stacey Boyle September 30, 2018, 4-5p

A winning learning organization has a vision and mission that are closely connected to corporate strategy, and everyone on the team is aligned to that vision. People on the team are enthusiastic about supporting the vision because they understand how their work connects to the organization’s success. The leader has an active, strategic role at the executive table and consistently steps back from everyday operations to evaluate everything the organization is doing. When impact on the business misses the mark, the leader has the data necessary to identify the miss and moves quickly to remedy the situation. Join the authors of “Be More Strategic in Business” to learn how to shift your learning organization from getting-stuff-done mode to critical success factor. You’ll hear best practices from winning learning organizations and learn how to apply the six factors for strategic leadership.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Develop the foundational skills necessary to come across as a strategic partner to the business.

  • Create and execute a strategic plan that supports what the organization is trying to achieve.

  • Make smart decisions and keep learning as you go to ensure you stay on top.