Establishing your vision sneak peek

Enjoy this sneak peek from chapter 5 of Be More Strategic in Business, and don't forget to pre-order your copy so you have it in your hands on August 15th! 

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While the book has a lot of practical advice for being more strategic, we also share a number of personal stories from our journeys to becoming strategic leaders. Here is one from Diana Thomas' time as vice president of training, learning, and development for McDonald's Corporation.


I believe a strong vision is one of the most powerful enablers of success. At McDonald’s our company’s vision was: We are our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink. This was a customer-centered vision that our top leaders continually referenced and kept us focused on. My team was responsible for developing and delivering the training and tools that enabled our people to deliver on the corporate vision. Our role in bringing that customer vision to life was our functional vision: We develop top talent, create the best environment, do the most important work, and achieve world-class execution and results for the system.

As a leader, I continued to cast and recast the vision to ensure every team member understood, supported, and was engaged in the right activities to achieve our vision. I knew that in order to make this happen, we needed every team member to embrace the vision and help bring it to life. When we first created and adopted this vision, we did the exercise of having each person come up with their top two core values and then share with their fellow team members how those values tied into our vision. It was so inspiring to hear my team members’ answers, and the exercise helped people commit even more to bringing our vision to life. We also used our team vision as part of the hiring process to bring in people whose competencies aligned with the vision. As part of orientation for new team members, we would cover our vision and do this same exercise with our new hires, so from the very beginning they understood our vision.

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