How to look and act strategic

Enjoy this excerpt from chapter 3 of Be More Strategic in Business.

Be More Strategic in Business ladder

You can’t change your life overnight, but you can start a journey to being energized, fueled, and set up to think, look, and act more strategic. Choose two to three things to get you started. Here are some ideas:

  1. What is your vision for your life, both personally and professionally? Do you have concrete, measurable goals? It’s ok if your vision is a little blurry, but you need some direction.

  2. What does your calendar look like? Put 15 minutes between your appointments and show up prepared.

  3. Where are you spending your time? Are you focused on the not important and not urgent tasks, or are you dedicated to the priorities you established for yourself? Are there things you should be removing or adding on?

  4. Do you know your own weaknesses? How can you start to close those gaps?

  5. What does your company stand for? If you can’t clearly answer that, build in time to start learning.

  6. What are the gaps in your knowledge that can be closed by networking with a purpose? What do you need to know and learn, and who can help you accomplish that? If you don’t have a budget for traveling and conferences (or even if you do!), get active on LinkedIn.

  7. What do the successful officers and leaders in your company look like? Is your physical appearance at odds with theirs?

  8. Keep reading! There’s a lot more to come.

Many professionals employ an outcome visualization technique attributed to Aristotle. Professional athletes, Olympians, musicians, surgeons, trial attorneys, and many others visualize themselves in the environment performing the required task. If you can self-visualize, then you can use that mental image to think through the process and the end result. Visualize yourself in the boardroom if that’s where you aspire to be. What do you look like? How do you fit in? How do you behave? How do you engage your peers? What do you contribute?

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